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Mutual Understanding
Of The Future

In a country dominated by shopping malls and stores, a tech savvy young population and the first worldwide in social media growth(see our initial presentation). This perfect mix of circumstances creates a unique chance to define the future. A future that perfectly aligns with the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

An experience that will put us in the frontline of this revolution serving the next generation of Saudi’s in need for change!

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Business & Planning
With Task Completion

Emall will allow the new generation

to buy their favorite goods with the push of a button, and have it delivered at their doorstep. The other services will make it easy for the young generation to do everything from their smartphone like sending money, buying tickets, getting loyalty points, …

The Leadership Ideas

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We Offer Solutions to
Develop Better Strategies

To provide outstanding level of constant creative services, Telecom, Banking, loyalty, ticketing, and many other value, in high security and commitment to our customers, through efficient technology and competitive products and services.
To create a worldwide business community, new concept of a social, service and payment network exchange. Available in all platform including windows. It is the revolution of social network, patented worldwide.


VIVA continued its dedication and commitment to the ICT industry and exceeded all expectations by holding the best and largest high-level executive ICT gathering. who continue to provide the highest level of service to their client base.