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It is no secret that Saudi Arabia is undergoing big changes, going from the metro to the big amount of events to cinema’s. All of which need an easy way to sell their tickets online via web or mobile.

Combining with other features in the Makani platform, we can offer unique possibilities.

For example, to let you book the ticket as a group and share the details with each other. Reinventing the ticket booking industry, improving this experience by sharing the it with friend and family. Or offering a loyalty program for the users of the metro like frequent flyer miles.

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The APM platform

is highly flexible and versatile.

In fact, it is adaptable to any kind of multi-level business network, offering seamless integration of all processes.
APM provides all the tools for merchants to initiate and track the status of their orders as well as delivery and maintenance in real-time. Upon delivery.
APM is also a ready-to-use e-Commerce

Platform available through worldwide web and mobile apps

which allows merchants to sell, manage and market their products online easily and securely. POS is no more a cost for the merchant but becomes a source of revenue.